Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2nd week lecture summary (22 july 2010)

Project Life Cycle:

based on my understanding, ...PLC is a process of developing a project which start from a beginning and will reach it's end. In this end stage, the project is declared as completed or done..

basic activities in PLC are divided into :

1) initiation

this step is like a brainstorming phase...all ideas, possibility and the feasibility of the project is determined. every detail of the discussion is then being recorded in a document called proj. charter.

2) planning

dlm stage in pula, ada 2 keywords yg penting iaitu OUTPUT n DELIVERABLE
di stage ini, WBS and Gantt Chart akan dihasilkan.

3) executing / controlling
4) closing


  1. kat klas en megat kata WBS..aku dok igt GBS..hahaha

  2. GBS? hahaha...tu stock budak2 skolah je GBS pun cool gak..haha

  3. along, those pictures are two small,keh3. GBS? stand for what? Gajah Belakang Semak? hahaha

  4. GBS tu Geng Bas Sekolah la yana...feveret adik aku..huhuhu

  5. hehe,ya ke. adoi,memacam je ya. ha, kena leter ngan en megat, pe lgi..komen hbis2an pasal dia,hahaha. kelas mlm ni best lah.

  6. haha...walaupun project dreject...xpe2, will improve..